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Red Pyramid for London
- commision for architecture
- creation of the mold and parts of the sculpture
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glass pyramidglass pyramidglass pyramidcreating modelglass pyramid
creating modelpreparing model for moldstudioclay on glassmodel ready
armaturemodel - detail
polishing - overheated glass - cracked
claymarek fisarplastermodel for part od inner pyramid

hand grinding - surface of glassglass model
glass model for the topmold for the top of pyramidglass moldmold for casting glass
mold after melting processraw parts of the sculptureelectrical kiln an molds
molds dryingglass materialmolds with raw glass in kiln
eletrical kilneletrical kiln with molds and glassGlass Pyramid - detail
Glass Pyramid - detailGlass Pyramid with lightGlass PyramidGlass Pyramid with inner red pyramid
Top of Glass PyramidTops of the Glass PyramidGlass tops before polishinggrinding the top of Glass Pyramid
grinded glass before polishing4 topsGrinding - inner small glass pyramidvelding metal base for the pyramid

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