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Creation of sculptures

Here you can view some photos from the creation process.
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'Resonance of Duality'

Creation of glass sculpture for architecture and garden
Red Pyramid for London

Creation of glass sculpture for architecture

Blue Spiral

Creation of Blue Spiral sculpture

Large custom garden sculptures. Sculptures from glass studio. Creative process. Mold making, grinding and polishing. Commission for architecture. Big glass sculpture for interier. Images of artwork from glass studio. Blue glass sculptures.

Creation of molds for glass melting.
Sculpting: exterior sculptures -

Large Garden Sculpture 'Paravan Resonance of Duality

Created at Art Symposium Jicn

Original glass sculptures
Red Pyramid - original glass sculptures sale by artist.Blue Conception - original glass sculpture.for sale by artistYellow Spiral - unique glass sculpture.. Available now!Spiral Levitation - mold melted glass sculpture sale by artistDreaming blue - original glass sculptures sale by artist.Tied - painted glass plate. Unique design sale
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