Contemporary Art Glass - Pyramids

Marek Fisar - Melted Glass Sculptures: Glass Pyramids  

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Red Pyramid - sculpture - unique art glass pyramid
"Red Pyramid" pyramid
Red Spike sculpture - unique art glass pyramid
"Spike" pyramid

Big Mama sculpture - unique glass pyramid
"Big Mama" pyramid
White Top - unique art glass pyramid
"White Top" pyramid
Blue Mist - original glass pyramid
"Blue Mist" pyramid
Each piece is unique original
Glass Pyramids. Geometrical art glass sculptures. Crystal glass melted into molds, hand cut and grinded, polished.

Custom Designed Objects Now Available!
If you have a special idea or vision for your own glass object, it is possible I can create one for you,
tailored to fit your own style, needs or surroundings. For more information about custom pieces, please contact me at: , or send me your feedback

Original glass sculptures
Red Pyramid - original glass sculptures sale by artist.Blue Conception - original glass sculpture.for sale by artistYellow Spiral - unique glass sculpture.. Available now!Spiral Levitation - mold melted glass sculpture sale by artistDreaming blue - original glass sculptures sale by artist.Tied - painted glass plate. Unique design sale

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